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Advice for the New Somm

While I’ve been seriously studying wine on and off for 10 years, this is the first year I’ve been a real sommelier. By that I mean I work in a restaurant that has a wine list with more than a few wines that I’m responsible for. Granted the vast majority of my wines by the […]

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Texas’ Best Sommelier Competition 2014

I am a Sommelier. Not because I’ve earned a pin that says I’m certifiable certified from the Court of Master Sommeliers. It’s in my job title. But even before my current job, I was the sommelier at those other jobs. But at those places I was known as the “wine guy.” Saying “sommelier” in one […]

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Experiencing TexSom 2014

This is a copy of my post on the San Antonio Sommelier Association’s website. Please visit SASA for more information about our organization.
TexSom 2014 – The Texas Sommelier Conference
For our first post here on SASA I thought I’d share my experience at TexSom. TexSom is a conference started in Austin in 2005 by Master Sommeliers […]

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The Return to iTunes

While enjoying my day off on June 23rd, 2014 I get the following e-mail from Apple:
“Dear podcast owner,
The podcast located at the URL shown below has been blocked or removed from the iTunes directory as a result of technical problems with the feed.”
The rest of the e-mail is just technical stuff about how to resubmit […]

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What Happened to 1337 Wine TV in iTunes and TiVo?!

*********2nd UPDATE********
I’ve now had a a little more than a week to figure this out. As of right now (7/7/14), TiVo is still functioning as it always has. I don’t know how long it will work in it’s current form however. iTunes is still not working. I am working on a solution for both that […]

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2014 – The Year Ahead

As I sit here in Jury Duty at the Bexar County Courthouse, I figured this is as good a time as any to talk about my plans for 2014 and 1337 Wine. And instead of doing a recap of 2013, I thought I’d rather look ahead to 2014.
2013 overall was a good year for the […]

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The Test – Taking the Certified Sommelier Exam

Hello everyone. So in lieu of a video this week (and basically the month) I thought I’d write about my experience with the Certified Sommelier Exam from the Court of Master Sommeliers. And just because it’s a written post, don’t think it won’t take you an hour to read it 😉 I recently took the […]

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Surf and Turf in Rockport, TX

So, I went to Rockport, TX last week to get some isolation and get caught up on some wine reading. While you might not thing going to the coast (shore for those of you in Jersey) doesn’t seem like a place to go study in isolation, I can assure you it is. The condo I […]

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Loki Pinot Noir

Loki Pinot Noir

Press Release 4/1/2013 – 1337 Wine
1337 Wine is proud to announce the upcoming release of Loki Pinot Noir. This will be the first of hopefully more wines to be released under the 1337 Wine label.
When asked why the name Loki for the wine Mark Fusco, owner of 1337 Wine, said, “the Pinot Noir grape […]

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2013 – The Year Ahead

Each year this idea, this website, this property gets bigger and evolves. It grew out of an idea. An idea that there could be a wine for geeks. Not wine geeks, but a wine for geeks, nerds, etc. Wine geeks are a subset of that so, yes, for them too. Ever since that day in […]

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