The Wine That Started It All – Episode #1

Mark reviews 337 Cabernet Sauvignon – the wine that inspired 1337 Wine.

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2 Responses to “The Wine That Started It All – Episode #1”

  1. Mark, nice to see you kick off your show, great title! As a fellow geek I get the lingo, and I think you can do a lot with the show. My only word of caution is careful on the "Vaynerisms." Find your voice and style, and make it happen. Great that you gave props to Gary for the inspiration but you’ve got the ability to attract a huge crowd of wine novices to expand their palette with you.

    A few suggestions if I may.

    Perhaps you can announce the wine you are going to review ahead of time, encourage people to purchase the wine with you, include the shopping footage as you pick your wines, etc. That way you can perhaps do live commentary, or even have real time commentary on the site as you try it, your audience does as well. A great way to involve them on your journey.

    Another idea that came to mind because of the geek lingo. Perhaps you could try geek energy drinks that geeks consider the fuel for their all night LAN parties and other geekery. BAWLS, Brain Toniq, and other drinks like that would totally expand your geek cred, perhaps you do it with a wine for a few episodes.

    Just some thoughts my man, you’re on your way to some greatness I know it. Have fun doing this and it won’t even feel like work, lol.

    05/28/2009 at 03:53 Reply
  2. Thanks, Luis! Great ideas. I like the geek energy drink idea. The original idea was to combine technology and wine. My first URL idea was and but they were already taken. Seeing 337 in the store got the juices flowing.

    05/28/2009 at 13:48 Reply

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