The Little Bull That Could – Episode #3

Mark reviews El Torito Tempranillo.

5 Responses to “The Little Bull That Could – Episode #3”

  1. danita t rufus #

    yo .. stop tasting that high class shit… where’s the boone’s farm. Should I spit my first slug.

    06/02/2009 at 01:36 Reply
  2. cletus t jones #

    Is that you Danita?

    06/02/2009 at 01:37 Reply
  3. marcus j jones #

    Stop talking to my woman, cletus.

    06/02/2009 at 01:38 Reply
  4. Barack Obama #

    Thank you for reviewing the people’s wine. Michelle likes a good cheap wine, The snobs in Wsshingoton want to keep you down.
    You go man.

    You go man


    06/02/2009 at 01:47 Reply
  5. LOL!

    06/02/2009 at 16:14 Reply

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