Finca el Origen Series – Pt1. Torrontes – Episode #225

In this video wine review, Mark reviews the 2009 Finca el Origen Torrontes. This is the first of four reviews of wines sent by the winery to use in a Skype Virtual Tasting. Unfortunately we were never able to coordinate our schedules to do it, so they asked me to just go ahead a do a normal review. I also talk about The Wine Century Club, which I recently became a member.

Links for today’s show:

Finca el Origen – Supplier of today’s wine

The Wine Century Club – Taste at least 100 grape varietals and become a member!

Chateau Petit Puch – Cellar room picture I use for my background. Depending on what historical records you are looking at, this Chateau was founded in 1337 😉

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